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$50 per Night 
Paid camping sticker MUST be placed visible to the roadway.

All camping spots include 1 Jeep / Bronco, 1 camping apparatus (Self-Contained RV), and up to 5 individuals. Additional Jeep / Bronco will need to purchase an additional parking pass of $20.00 per night.

We do NOT allow you to banner off areas to save for late arrivals – FIRST COME FIRST SERVE ONLY! If you want to camp with your friends/family, please arrive with them.
All Jeeps / Broncos MUST BE registered with Jeep VS Bronco Rally event
There is not a bathroom facility, only port a pots at this time, no showers are available. 
Please come with your trailer topped off with water
There are two different locations to receive potable water if necessary

Three Palms does NOT have sewage dumping station; Alternative options are available:    

Honey Bucket for pumping services, you must call in advance to arrange services and pay over the phone. 936-756-8443 

Loves Travel Stop to dump at their closest location which is 15 miles North of the park; 9600 Longstreet Rd, Willis, Texas 77318; Phone 936-856-5085; Call for Fee

Dry Camping

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