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Dirt Bike
Jeep vs Bronco Rally Conroe, Texas Labor Day Weekend

AUG 30 - SEPT 1, 2024



Please carefully review the information provided, paying particular attention to the classification sections for the Jeep vs Bronco Rally Sound Check Competition, to ensure a thorough understanding of what to anticipate in the judging lanes.

The Jeep vs Bronco Rally is an event geared towards families. It's important to note that music with explicit lyrics or offensive content is strictly prohibited. Any participants found violating this rule will be immediately disqualified from the competition. The decision to enforce this rule lies with the management of the Jeep vs Bronco Rally, and offenders may also face disqualification from other competitions as well.

In the judging lanes, competitors must refrain from playing their sound systems at a volume level that disrupts the sound quality evaluation of other participants' Jeeps and Broncos. Failure to comply, especially after being warned by an official, may result in disqualification without recourse.

Furthermore, competitors are not allowed to converse with their assigned judge during the evaluation process. They must maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet from their vehicle while judging takes place. Only if the judge initiates a conversation or asks a question should the competitor engage. After the judging process is complete, the judge may offer suggestions for improvement, and competitors are welcome to seek input on how to enhance their system.

Following the award ceremony, each competitor will have the opportunity to receive a copy of their judging score sheet.


The classes have been established to ensure fair and impartial judging among competitors, taking into account the different characteristics of each Jeep or Bronco. Here's a breakdown of the classes and their specifications:

  1. Hard Top Class: This category includes Jeeps or Broncos with a fixed or removable hard top. The entire hard top must be present on the Jeep or Bronco, including any OEM or aftermarket "Sunrider" panel above the front seating. All sides and doors must be installed, giving the interior a sealed appearance when the doors are closed. During judging, doors, windows, and the rear hatch are permitted to be open, but no part of the hard top may be removed. Removing any overhead roof part will result in a change of classification.

  2. Soft Top Class: This class encompasses Jeeps or Broncos with a soft top. It includes any fabric material roof, such as Bikini Tops, Sunshades, and Sunscreens, designed to contain sound from escaping vertically. The soft top must be installed on the Jeep or Bronco with all side curtains and doors in place to create a sealed interior when doors are closed. Similar to the Hard Top Class, during judging, doors, windows, and the rear hatch may be open, but no part of the soft top can be removed without altering the classification.

  3. Open Top Class: This class comprises Jeeps or Broncos without any roof covering or side curtains. Judging takes into consideration that the Jeep or Bronco is playing music in an open-air environment without any structure to contain sound. Even Jeeps or Broncos with tops, whether soft or hard, with side curtains or other openings, will be placed in this class.

  4. Over the Top Class: This category is for Jeeps or Broncos with excessive speakers and/or extreme power. It includes Wranglers and Gladiators loaded with multiple speakers and/or woofers, typically accompanied by high-powered amplifiers. Judging in this class involves SPL (Sound Pressure Level) metering five feet away from the rear of the vehicle.

Judges have the authority to reclassify any Jeep or Bronco if the class chosen by the competitor during online registration is deemed incorrect.

Scoring is based on a straightforward process. Judges start with one point in each category and add points based on the performance of the sound system in each judging section. Below outlines the scoring and judging procedure for each section:

There are four scoring categories, each with its own point structure for judging:


  • Tonal Accuracy (Scores up to 40 points possible):

    • Judges assess the naturalness and balance of the sound system's tonality while listening to music chosen by the competitor for up to 30 seconds at a normal listening level.

    • Scoring areas include Sub Bass, Mid Bass, Midrange, and High Frequencies, each worth 10 points. Judges evaluate how well the system reproduces these frequencies and the overall naturalness of the music.

  • System Safety (Scores up to 15 points possible):

    • This category evaluates the installation quality and safety measures of the equipment.

    • Scoring areas include System Properly Fused, Equipment Secured and Protected, Wiring, and System Cosmetics, each worth 5 points.

    • Criteria include proper fusing, secure installation to prevent hazards, protection from the elements, and safe wiring routing to avoid short circuits.

  • System Cosmetics (Scores up to 10 points possible):

    • Judges inspect the visual integration and appearance of the sound system within the vehicle.

    • Proper installation and protection measures, such as fusing and wiring techniques, are evaluated visually.

    • Competitors may present installation photos for additional consideration, though judges may or may not award extra points for them.

  • SPL (Sound Pressure Level) (Scores up to 130 points possible):

    • SPL scoring measures the loudness of the sound system using a portable SPL meter placed at mid-door level, two feet from the open driver's door.

    • Competitors can choose any music selection, and judges instruct them to turn on the system for 30 seconds.

    • The highest SPL level recorded by the meter during this period determines the score, with a maximum of 130 points available.


  • Class Champions: The Jeep or Bronco with the highest point score in each class will be declared the Champion for that class.

  • Placement Awards: Three winning positions will be recognized - First, Second, and Third place. These awards will be given based on the highest point scores within each class.

  • Best of Show Award: The highest point score achieved across all classifications will be awarded the Best of Show Award. This recognizes the top-performing Jeep or Bronco overall, regardless of class.

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